Whitechapel - Season 4

Whitechapel - Season 4 123Movies

DI Chandler, DS Miles and unpaid historical advisor Edward Buchan have yet to make a conviction in Whitechapel ‘the birthplace of the serial killer’. This season sees the pressure become greater - and, this time, highly personal. The team are confronted by dark, twisted, gothic murders that reach right into their fears and superstitions... someone is killing suspected witches; flayed bodies suggest the murderer is more interested in the victims’ skin than in their death; and the sewers of Whitechapel threaten with an additional layer of horror. In Whitechapel history isn’t dead, it’s deadly...

Category: Crime , Drama , Mystery , Thriller

Starring: Rupert Penry-Jones

Creators: Ben Court Caroline Ip

Country: United States

Running time: 44 min

Quality: HD

Years: 2014

IMDb Score: 7.9

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